Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Last lecture


Entering the media studies lab on October the 23th, I prepared myself for a heart-breaking goodbye. I had my Kleenex tissues ready and the drama queen in me to make this parting an official, memorable one. To my surprise it was business as usual for my Media Studies 3 lecturer Marian Pike. My fellow class mates presented that day on their proposals for their Project Management assignment once everyone was done (like two people) Marian gave us a very short, straight to the point goodbye wishing us successful careers in the near future and hoped much that each and every one of us learnt a thing or two from her and that was it.
Next thing you know class was dismissed. I would like to take this time to thank Ms. Marian Pike for her extensive, rich knowledge and love for ‘All things Media’. Thanks to her that today I’m a proud owner of Simply Put my blog and for having the opportunity to have a presence on Twitter and connecting with the rest of the Globe. Marian the things you’ve taught us are beyond what any lecturer should, you have prepared us for industry but most importantly the world itself. Moral of the story: never be complacent. ‘Never just unpack the groceries, put them in their rightful place.’

Empty fear has stopped me from companionship

Empty fear has stopped me from loving any one and opening my heart entirely to any being. Because of empty fear, I ended up losing the greatest chance of happiness and loving someone, I think that’s one of the reasons I don’t fear much anymore.

Fear is just nonconstructive faith, it is a dead end and has and still continues to stop many dreams and ideas from being fulfilled. In the past I danced much with fear and hid behind it from truth. The day I discovered fear was no friend of mine, I ended our life-long friendship, faith is a new friend of mine.

Faith is good to me, what faith tells me every time I cross paths with fear is ‘look straight ahead, I have your back’.  I’ve never felt happier, never felt any stronger, I could die today and have no fear of leaving this world as I would have done one thing fear has ever stopped me from doing: falling deeply in love.     

This Day Will Matter in Five Years


I will forever remember the day I left my blog writing for the last minute and ended up writing twenty blogs in one night. I will remember how my lecturer smugly told us the deadline and I chose to be relaxed about it, not to mention remembering the dark rings under my eyes this will all cause me the next morning. I had it all figured out, to write two to three blogs a day, but did I do it? Nah not me too much of a procrastinator…

This day will matter in five years time as whatever sleep I am sacrificing right now is to prepare for a bright future ahead of me. One lesson I will look upon five years from now is: working under pressure is not always the answer to creativity, let alone getting things done. For every little thing we do today, will determine our tomorrow.

How I have I helped someone recently.


The strangest thing happened earlier, sitting in an internet café never the Cape of Good Hope Castle a stranger sat next to me and I could feel his eyes gazing at me, felt a bit strange. Hardly five seconds this guy had taken a seat he complimented me on my beauty which I effortlessly shrugged off and went about my business. I was far from bitchy, maybe not bitchy enough as next thing you know this guy asked me to show him around MS Word which I gladly did because I love helping people.

What started off as a single request of a Microsoft word command, ended up a full computer lesson. I spent about forty-five minutes with this gent, if I didn’t have to be elsewhere I probably would have stayed longer as I feel most alive when I make others happy

When I grow up I want to be famous!


I love the Pussy Cat dolls track “When I Grow Up”, so inspirational to  young ones. Wish I heard it when I was five though, not that it matters as for one, not many judges are famous unless of cause you’re Judge Judy, Judge Mathis or Brown our very own reality show law personnel. When I was six I actually wanted to become a judge, little did I know that I possessed this trait of fairness till I was a young adult. Sure enough I didn’t become a judge and ended up falling in love with the Marketing/Communications industry, yet there is a judge inside of me.

One of my greatest dislikes is unfairness, oppression and inhumanity, I cannot stand seeing someone being treated unequally. Oh! I remember wanting to be a fashion designer as well as my late cousin was a model in her teens, she made being fashionable seem so cool. Yeah yeah, I’m not exactly a fashion designer but love fashion TOO MUCH and embrace it daily (in my own special way!).  Not everyone gets to be what they wanted to be when they were kids, but the dream comes true in many ways than one and stays with us forever.